PKR Poker Bonus Code

PKR Bonus Code

PKR offers a box for a pkr bonus code to be entered when you first deposit funds on to your pkr account. By entering one of the pkr bonus codes we offer you are given an extra special pkr sign up bonus of your choosing.

Enter PKR Bonus Code 50PBR for a $50 fixed bonus.

Enter the PKR Bonus Code 250PBR for a 50% bonus up to $250.

Enter the PKR Bonus Code 600PBR for a 100% bonus up to $600.

Enter PKR Bonus Code 2000PBR for a 100% bonus up to $2000.

Your pkr bonus is placed in to your bonus account you will need to clear all of the bonus to have this placed in to your real money account.

All PKR Bonus Codes Are Guaranteed To Be Valid Through All Of December And January!

Bonus Awarded
Minimum Deposit
Bonus Code
$50 Fixed
50% To $250
100% to $600
100% to $2000

Guide To Clearing The PKR Bonus

PKR Points are earned through playing at PKR’s real money tables and generating rake or paying tournament fees. You receive 100 PKR Points for each $1 in tournament fees you pay. You can earn up to 300 points for each hand you play at the real money tables, by playing at the real money tables you will find yourself clearing the pkr bonus much quicker.

For the $50 fixed pkr bonus you will need to earn 7,500 points after this you will receive your $50 PKR Bonus.

To clear the 50% to $250 bonus you will need to 200 points for each $1 in bonus.

Clearing the 100% to $600 pkr bonus will require you to obtain 225 PKR points for each $1 in bonus.

PKR Bonus Example

Deposit $600 + Enter “PKR Bonus Code” 600PBR and you will receive a $600 bonus taking your bankroll to $1200. Remember it is essential that you enter the correct code when you make your deposit else otherwise you may not receive the correct pkr bonus as it is impossible to correct mistakes after a deposit has been made.

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